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Practical Things to Consider When Buying a House in Hawaii that They Don’t Tell You

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Whether or not you want to live in Hawaii because it is your dream state or because of a DoD move to Hawaii as a military member, Hawaii can be a perfect place to live in a few years. Besides the Hawaii BAH that will cover the expenses while enjoying the scenery of the place, (if you are a military member), you will have some very nice spots that you can visit throughout the years.   

Hawaii is one of the most favorite go-to places for tourists, and there is no question to that since Hawaii is known for its beautiful spots such as mountains, oceans, and more. However, if you are looking for a house to live in Hawaii, you will need to take things into consideration. This is why we wrote this article —- to guide you in buying a house a Hawaii.  

1. use a local bank for mortgages – it is more preferable when you choose a local mortgage rather than the mainland bank. The local banks are more understanding than the mainland banks when doing mortgages. Oftentimes, mainland banks do not wire funds until the close dates, and this potentially leads to delay in transactions. And considering that the money needs to be in the title company before the competition of the mortgage transaction, this can be a problem. When you opt for local banks, you can easily negotiate and discuss your finances and the options feasible for you.   

2. places with active volcanoes – there are zones you need to know in finding a good residential place in Hawaii, and this includes the lava zone, which is potentially threatening because of the active volcanoes that can erupt any time. Lava zones, depending on how active the volcanoes are, can be difficult to find funding. Lava zones can be from zone 1 to zone 6, with 1 being the most dangerous zone where volcanoes are mostly active.  

3. Energy costs – AC units pose a lot of expenses, and this is why most Hawaiian houses do not have AC units even the islands are known for their hot season. However, one can always take advantage of the natural breeze that Hawaii has. Hawaii has a cool sea breeze that you can take advantage of by making sure your house is elevated for insulation purposes. Natural air is common in Hawaii; you should try it. This would not just provide you comfort but also lesser energy costs.   

4. do not rely on square footage – when finding properties, it is normal to look at the square footage availability and price. However, while this is important, you should also check photos or go there by yourself to see the place in person. Hawaii is home to a lot of recreational activities and you should have that in your outdoor space. You would also need to check if the property has trees in it for shade and other purposes.  

Surely, living in Hawaii is fun, but you need to take into consideration some things to make the most of the experience.   

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